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Joyetech 510 Starter Kit


Joyetech 510 Starter Kit

$ 49.95

This little Joyetech kit is top of the line for small battery starter kits.  It uses a refillable tank that sits on top of the changeable/replaceable, atomizer.  They are very small, and are automatic, which means you just take a drag on it, and it vaporizes the eliquid.  There is no button to push.

This makes them great for older customers that are light smokers, and do not want a larger battery.

These batteries are only 220 Mah, so you get about 2 hours or so of battery life before needing recharged. Heavy smokers will want one of our Ego kits, or something with a more substantial battery.

Joyetech 510 T electronic cigarette.

Best quality and performance among all mini e-cigs. Similar to the size of real cigarette, light and comfortable to hold in hand.

The 510-T kit comes with:
* 2 × automatic battery
* 2 × 510 Tank atomizer
* 1 × 510 USB charger
* 1 × 510 USB wall adapter
* 5 × Joye 510-T cartridge
The Tank system is the second generation of the ever popular 510 e-cigs with a great improvement,
which means dripping e-liquid directly into cartridge without using tissues inside the tank.The kit is
based on 510 series and will give you a better smoking feeling.
With the cutting-edge technology and charming design, this 510-T is outstanding and of high quality.
Fill the Tank cartridge with Vape Juice, attach the 510 Tank atomizer,
screw on the battery and enjoy to your heart’s content.

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